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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Donning the HAZMAT Suit . . .

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Yes, last week I put on the HAZMAT suit and went to the polls.

First, I voted for Jon Barela for U.S. House of Representatives. I’m wondering if I’ll have cause to regret this later – first, the Barela campaign was going to bring in Rudy Giuliani for a fundraising rally –

Oct 12 – Giuliani / Barela invitation

Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani Pre-Election Rally for, Jon Barela

Oct 12 Barela / Giuliani M&G Cancelled

POSTPONED: Rudy Giuliani Pre-election Rally

Then, as if Giuliani wasn’t bad enough,
the campaign sets up a rally with former Senator Pete Domenici. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t remember St. Pete being any sort of fiscal hawk. Rather, I have these memories of him talking up all of the “bacon” (piles and piles of FRNs taxed away from Productive Class people in other states) that he was “bringing home” to New Mexico.

Just for the record, I think that Jon is genuinely interested in helping the people of the District get Imperial Washington off their backs. It’s just that he seems to be listening too much to the McCleskey Machine.

Second, for Governor, I wrote in Bill Koehler, as neither of the two Establishment-anointed candidates seem to have a clue, other than each of them is the only one for the job, and the other is demonspawn.

Click the picture for the full-size version.

I know that Bill isn’t a State-sanctioned “declared write-in candidate” [1], as is Kenneth Gomez. Still, that didn’t stop the person(s) behind the site from writing in Faustus Valdez.

Denish seems to be trying to play both sides of her partisan affiliation – saying “Look at the great things we did from 2002 until now” (to keep her base on board), while at the same time attempting to distance herself from Richardson as a result of the pay-to-play scandals. In the meantime, Martinez is playing up her cred as a prosecutor, giving the impression that once inaugurated, she’ll go hell-bent on bringing charges against those who were on Wild Bill’s executive-level payroll. Really, Susana, we know better than that – Republicans don’t go after Democrats from previous administrations because they know that Democrats don’t go after Republicans from previous administrations. But still, each side portrays itself as the one who will get “revenge” (?) on the other side’s indiscretions, atrocities and corruption, while they excuse those same indiscretions, atrocities and corruption because they know that the other side will give them a pass on their own misdeeds.

Let’s see – next, I voted for Dianna Duran and Matt Chandler. The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are two of the “gatekeepers” in the pay-to-play world of electoral politics, and these offices have been in Democrat hands for way too long. It’s well past time that the Democrats had their apple cart overturned. This is NOT to say that the Republicans won’t seek to develop the same sort of system on their behalf, but it will take them time to do so, and in that “downtime,” Liberty can advance. Hopefully.


Click the pictures for the full-size versions.

As for Matt Rush, he’s simply the lesser of the two evils. Ray Powell[2] is a committed eco-fascist as well as being a connected Democrat Coggie.

Concerning the Schoonover vs. Lewis race, I cast a blank here – I really can’t say anything bad about James B. Lewis. As for Schoonover, he apparently couldn’t be bothered to respond to a questionnaire sent to him by the New Mexico Breeze. If that wasn’t bad enough, I heard him when he was a guest on Janice Arnold-Jones’ 1550 KIVA-AM radio show – he seemed focused on developing the economy because people making more money, creating jobs, etc., would mean higher tax revenues that “smaller communities can’t do without” and such. Similarly, I couldn’t come up with anything bad to say about Balderas, the incumbent State Auditor. Errol Chavez, his opponent, is rather proud of his previous role in propping up Drug Prohibition, and recently was diagnosed with some sort of brain tumor. So I cast a blank in this race, as well.


Click the pictures for the full-size versions.

Next we go to my own race. I was told by someone at the County Clerk’s Elections Bureau that I was “good to go” as a write-in candidate. Yet there’s no space to write me in under Maestas’ name here. What gives?

Click the picture for the full-size version.


  1. Bill filed with the Secretary of State’s Elections Bureau to run as an independent (no partisan affiliation) write-in candidate for Governor in early June. He was told that because he was registered to vote as a Big-“L” Libertarian, they wouldn’t put him on the ballot as an independent.

    Come to think of it, they probably wouldn’t have put him on the ballot as an independent if he had switched his registration at that time, as New Mexico has a “sore loser law” – the time for him to change his registration would have been January, before the Governor’s Proclamation.

    Why did he decide to run as an independent, instead of on the Libertarian Party ticket? Simple – the State Election Code says that any political party whose candidate for either Governor or President fails to get at least 0.5 percent of all of the votes cast in that race ceases to be a State-recognized political party. Regaining ballot status in New Mexico requires a party so disenfranchised to collect about 8,000 – 10,000 signatures. Usually, getting this done requires hiring paid signature gatherers, who will charge 2 per signature. Do the math – this totals up to 16,000 – 20,000, which can quickly bankrupt a smaller organization. Thus it’s not in the interests of the LP, New Mexico Greens, etc., to run candidates for Governor or President here in New Mexico.

  2. PLEASE do NOT confuse Powell the Democrat candidate with the Ray Powell who has worked with the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, New Mexico Patriot Alliance,, among other things. The latter Ray is definitely one of the good guys.
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The Patriot’s Credo

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The Patriot’s Credo

by Richard Gleaves

The Nine Principles of American Civic life

  1. America is a country of ideas.
  2. Those ideas are and must be based on reason, so that men and women of all faiths and philosophies can adhere to them equally.
  3. The fundamental idea of America is freedom, which means the abolishment of physical force from civic life.
  4. Individual rights are the recognition of personal self-ownership. They ensure our freedoms. They include the Right to Life which means the right to exist without threat of destruction; the Right to Liberty which means the right to exist without physical coercion; the Right to Property which means the right to create, earn, own, use and trade property; the Right to Pursue Happiness which means the right to take action in service to one’s own life. These rights are unalienable and belong to all individuals.
  5. No collective or group possesses more or different rights beyond the individual rights of its members.
  6. Rights are freedoms of action, not coercive claims on the property or services of others.
  7. No man may violate the rights of another by force.
  8. Our government was founded to be the defender of man’s legitimate rights, so that force may be used only against those who initiate force or fraud against others, that it may be controlled by objective law. This is the justification of our military, courts, and police forces.
  9. A government that initiates force or fraud against its citizens is illegitimate; it is the prerogative of the people to alter or abolish such a government.

The Twelve Virtues of American Civic Life

  1. Rationality
  2. Independence
  3. Honesty
  4. Integrity
  5. Justice
  6. Productiveness
  7. Pride
  8. Self-governance
  9. Voluntary cooperation
  10. Benevolence
  11. Mutual respect
  12. Recognition of individual sovereignty

No man should be embarrassed to love his country. America belongs to us all equally, to every individual regardless of our differences, and by virtue of our shared humanity. In its founding principles, it is the noblest country in the history of man.

Let us march together beneath the Revolutionary Banner: “Liberty, Reason and Rights!”

We must call on the current administration, both parties in Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors and Legislatures of the several states and on our fellow citizens to reinstate these founding ideas that were once at the center American life. It is a secular creed by which men and women of all faiths and nations may live together, grow together, and ultimately achieve greatness.

Please spread this note, which I believe represents the common sense of the matter, to every person within your reach.

“The last hope of human liberty in this world rests on us. We ought, for so dear a state, to sacrifice every attachment and every enmity.”
– Thomas Jefferson

For more, see the Principled Patriots site.


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Random Shots for 2 November 2010

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Comments I’ve posted

  1. Re: Important NMPA Meeting
  2. Posted to Elisheva Levin’s Facebook Wall

    I’m not holding my breath on Martinez being a female version of Gary Johnson. I wrote in Bill Koehler for this contest.

  3. Posted to my Facebook Wall

    Not even going to bother with watching the election returns till about 10:30 PM tonight – the numbers reported by KOB-4 are way off the figures reported by KRQE-13. I’ll give the lamestream snoozemedia some time to cook the books and coordinate the spin.

  4. Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    The Creep from Farmington appears to be going down in flames! HA HA!

  5. Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    It means that we’ll see something of a repeat performance of the GOP-controlled Congress in 1995.

  6. Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    Adam, in 1994 the GOP candidates didn’t need to talk about their being “on probation” – I’m hoping the Tea Party groups stick to principles instead of drinking the Republican Jonestown-style Kool Aid.

  7. Posted to Adam Kokesh’s Facebook Wall

    @WRS3 – No problem, glad to be of help. Actually, I’ve been repeating that line for a while.

  8. Posted to my Facebook Wall

    OK, I couldn’t help tuning in to the election coverage – too many opportunities for smart-ass comments. AGH – should’ve picked up a bottle of Maker’s Mark this weekend.

  9. Posted to my Facebook Wall

    @Adam – you voted for Mullins after he spent six months saying “Adam disgraced the uniform” and that you had a “one-line resume” – CLASSIC example of battered Republican syndrome.

    What you did here by voting for The Creep was reward that sort of behavior on his part. If you run for office on the GOP slate, the Yates Gang, Chavez County Mafia, McCleskey Machine et al. will do it again because you let them get away with it this year. By voting for Mullins, you gave them a degree of sanction for previous behavior.

    The good news there is that it was all in vain on Mullins’ part – Ben Ray kicked his ass by at least 10K votes. I only hope that other Republicans in the 3rd District losing races tonight can point to the Mullins campaign as a specific causative factor for their loss.

  10. Posted to my Facebook Wall

    Mark Curtis in State House District 19 is polling 7 % in a three-way race – so much for the “you’re just one-percent” line.

  11. Congratulations on your Victory!
  12. Posted to my Facebook Wall

    OK – enough Election Night BS – Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies will be coming on in 20 minutes.

  13. Posted to Elisheva Levin’s Facebook Wall

    District 3 crashed and burned for the GOP. Maybe they’ll pick a better candidate for 2012? It’s a possibility, but I’m not hopeful.

    About Mullins, I took as much offense to his comments against Kokesh while soliciting my support in March of this year as you did to Patrick’s comments last month about Israel in the AC4L group.

    As for redistricting, that’s controlled by the Legislature – the Democrats will throw the Republicans enough safe seats to keep the GOP Machine types happy while still maintaining Democrat majorities.

    I’ll end this on a good note – Mark Curtis pulled in 7% in a three-way race with next to no support from the State Party (especially good, considering the current status!) and minimal support from National.

Notes from Life, Etc.

  1. My front disc brakes went out while I was driving home from XHTML class today. I didn’t get into any crashes, but still . . . .
  2. I had been planning to attend at least one of the Election Night parties – I had received one from the Albuquerque Campaign for Liberty, and another from the Albuquerque Tea Party. I really wasn’t feeling too well to begin with, and then my brakes went out at the intersection of Coors and Montano . . . My traditional Election Night ritual is to pick up a bottle of Makers Mark and get hammered at home – my own personal wake as Liberty dies in America by another increment.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Stargate Universe
  2. Adult Swim – Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies

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Radio Interview with Adam Kokesh — 1 November 2010

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Many thanks to Adam for his time and endorsement!


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