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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Random Shots for Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Today in history


  1. Fwd: Re: [FYI-Politics] ANYONE WORTH A DAMN?
  2. Re: [FYI-Politics] ANYONE WORTH A DAMN?


  1. Adult Swim: Aqua Teen Hunger Force – “Star Studded Christmas Spectacular”
  2. Adult Swim: Squidbillies – “Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen” and “Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby”
  3. Glenn Greenwald @ Salon: Joe Miller’s private “guards” were active-duty militaryComments posted to the article
  4. Anchorage Daily News: Miller security guards handcuff editor
  5. Christian Science Monitor: For Alaska’s Joe Miller, handcuff incident adds to mounting troubles
  6. Pavlovian Obeisance: Herr Miller
  7. NBC Miami: Allen West Incites
  8. Hullabaloo by Digby: Tea Party Liberty
  9. Carlos Miller: Photography is Not a Crime
  10. Milquetoast Mussolini by William Norman Grigg
  11. Adam vs. The Man – 10-20-10: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Be a Bigot!
  12. Pro Libertate: Fallujah, USA
  13. The Workman Can’t Pawn His Tools
  14. The Daily Beast: The New Jack Bauer Republicans
  15. Adult Swim: Aqua Teen Hunger Force – “Dickesode” and “Hand Banana”
  16. Adult Swim: Squidbillies – “An Officer and a Dental Dam” and “The Okaleechee Dam Jam”

Quote of the Day for 20 October 2010

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“Year by year, a third of the [American] labor pool emerges with a college degree. Most of these degrees are in the humanities and social sciences.

“Meanwhile, China produces over 450,000 college graduates a year in science and engineering – as many scientists and engineers as the United States has, total. Then, next year, China will do it again.”

– Gary North


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Random Shots for 19 October 2010

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Comments I’ve posted

  1. TLE Info
  2. Posted to the Kokesh for Congress Facebook Wall

    The drone strikes are just part of a larger question – What is / are the real reason(s) we’re involved in the Afghanistan / Pakistan region?

    See “The Counterinsurgency Delusion” by Victor Milán.

  3. Posted to Dave Wellington’s Facebook Wall

    Dave, you might find this article interesting:


    Here’s a quick, down and dirty synopsis of what is going on in the US mortgage industry from everything I’ve read. It’s an early read of the situation, but I think it explains why many, if not most, mortgages in…

  4. Re: TLE Info

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Matt Chandler Commercial #2 – Backyard
  2. Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex
  3. Advancing NM through retention of effective county officials
  4. Stargate Universe – “Pathogen”
  5. Adam vs. The Man – 10/19/10: Drone Strikes Aren’t Always What They Seem
  6. Adult Swim: Aqua Teen Hunger Force – “Star-Studded Christmas Spectacular”
  7. Adult Swim: Squidbillies – “Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen” and “Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby”

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