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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Random Shots for 29 September 2010

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  1. Re: FBI Raids

    We need to organize a vigorous, nationwide, grassroots response to this alarming federal government action.

    Some of us here in New Mexico tried just that back in the 1990’s and were called “terrorists” and “racists.” Come to think of it, those were the nice perjoratives that were hurled our direction by figures of “the left” such as Slick Marty Chavez et al.

    Never mind that we welcomed all races and religions into the membership.

    Never mind that we actively screened out the racists, anti-Semitic types and basement bomb-builders.

    Never mind that we turned away those offering M-16’s and Uzi subguns “off the back of a truck” when they came sniffing around.

    Never mind the lost opportunities that those of us involved could have pursued instead.

    Never mind that some of us faced persecution on the job, both official and unofficial, as a result of our involvement. Others lost jobs, marriages, etc., or spent themselves into needing second jobs by buying gear and supplies.

    Anyway, for those interested in giving it another go, here’s the link. Or here.

    And for another model, take a look – right now it’s still in the conceptual phase.

  2. Re: FBI Raids

    William Norman Grigg covers this sort of thing two, three times a week.

  3. Posted to my Facebook Wall

    Thanks for the encouragement! It looks like I’m about 3/4 of the way to full recovery.

  4. Re: FBI Raids

    How many signatures would it take for Senators Udall or Bingaman to become interested?

    It’s not about signatures – it’s about how many ØØØØØ you can toss into their campaign war chests.

    Do any of you know either of them personally?

    Doesn’t matter – see above – a nice big pile of ØØØØØ opens all sorts of doors.

    About Tom Burghardt’s group (link, please?!), I’m willing to work with people on issues of mutual agreement. On issues where we disagree, we disagree and might even be opponents. My agreement with him (or anyone else) on one issue should NOT be construed as a blanket endorsement of everything that person says and does.

    As for Mr. Burghardt’s article at, I think it’s right on the money, and a nice complement to those written by Ross, Grigg, and others – it shows that there are people on “the other side” concerned about the ever-increasing politicization and militarization of domestic law enforcement agencies here in the United States.

  5. Re: FBI Raids

    When I say organize a movement, I didn’t mean a militia.

    Understand that a “social-justice” organization of the type that was raided would most probably NOT appeal to the people who comprise the majority of this network’s members.

    Especially when it’s a group that:

    • Disavows the individual right to own and carry weapons, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.
    • Uses the word “socialism” in anything but a negative light.
    • Seeks to blame carbon dioxide emissions from the West for all of the world’s problems.
    • Seeks to blame “the rich” for all of the world’s problems.
    • Seeks to blame Israel (and by implicit extension, Jews) for all of the world’s problems.

    We have to put meaning back in the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

    I’d like to see government-mandated background checks for any sort of peaceful private-sector activity GO AWAY.

    What do I mean by “peaceful private-sector activity” ? I mean any activity between individuals on a basis of mutual consent. It’s none of the State’s business (nor mine) whom you hire as a stockbroker, babysitter, oncologist, whatever, or if you smoke pot, drop acid, carry a pistol, rifle, subgun, drive a rally car, fly a helicopter, which adults you sleep with, cohabit with, marry, etc.

  6. Re: Republicans “Pledge for America” Needs Work

    It doesn’t need “work” – it needs ridicule.

    It needs to be regarded for what it really is — smoke-and-mirrors BS from the same crowd who helped give us TARP, the USA-PATRIOT Act, the McClown-Feingold Incumbent Protection Act, two anti-Constitutional overseas occupations, etc., etc.

    Looking to this bunch to turn the economy around is an exercise in futility.

    Wes Benedict has some of the gory details.

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  1. Comedy Central – Drawn Together
  2. Adult Swim – Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies
  3. Jim Davidson – Encryption for the Win
  4. Could ‘Goldilocks’ planet be just right for life?
    NASA and NSF-Funded Research Finds First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet
    Wikipedia article on Gliese 581
  5. Libertarianism is an Elusive Dream That Contradicts Human Nature


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Tom Knapp on DIY Think Tanks

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Tom Knapp always has interesting things to say. In this case, it’s do-it-yourself professional issue advocacy:

Project Outline: Think Tank / Policy Institute in a Box

In this article, Tom lays out a plan for someone wanting to set up a think tank or policy institute for peanuts. Well, not literally peanuts, but you get the idea.

One of the plans he lays out totals up to Ø10,000, while the other adds up to Ø2,500.


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Random Shots for 28 September 2010

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  1. Posted to Facebook

    Yep – I specifically told them that I was including you on the list as an “FYI” to the Clerk’s Office, due to you being a resident of Bernalillo County.

    Not only that, but I told them verbally that I was filing as a write-in candidate, handed them a “Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate,” and was told that I was good-to-go as a write-in — no signatures needed. About a week ago, I received a letter from them stating that my candidacy was dead in the water due to my not filing signatures.

    I remember similar sorts of incomptence in the Clerk’s Office back in the later 1990’s when Judy Woodward ran the show there.

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  1. Top Gear
  2. Adult Swim – Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies
  3. Pro LibertateLiars for Hire: The Alchemy of Provocation
  4. Stargate: Universe
  5. Sons of Anarchy
  6. Ancient Discoveries

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tweedle Fascist “vs” Tweedle Socialist ?

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Current mood: cynical

In this election cycle’s gubernatorial race, we’ve got Tweedle Fascist and Tweedle Socialist playing games with rhetoric over tax hikes and spending cuts.

Bailing Out New Mexico: How It May Be Done

Monahan speculates that a 2002-style raid on the permanent fund is imminent AND that Martinez isn’t ruling out her support for such a raid.

Susana Takes Center Lane On Education

Per Monahan, Martinez disavows cutting the public-school budgets, and then disavows Florida-style vouchers.

I just have to wonder – don’t results matter?

Martinez: No Tax Hikes in First Term

Martinez promises no tax hikes in the first term, even while pledging not to cut the (non-productive) public school system.

In the same article, Dipstick Denish proposes Ø450,000,000 in spending cuts over five years, mostly nickel-and-dime stuff.

Conclusion – both candidates leave the free-market voter on the side of the road where taxes and spending are concerned.

What’s left?!

Second Amendment: Well . . . Martinez promises to leave gun owners alone (I think). Denish complains that the southern border is a “transit point for narcotics and weapons”.

Drug Prohibition: Martinez is an enthusiastic Drug Worrier, who can’t shut up about the “scourge” of various substances upon society. Mind you, Dipstick Denish isn’t really an improvement here – she also supports all sorts of police-state-style crackdowns in the name of “eradicating meth.” The big difference between the two is over the State’s medical-marijuana program – Denish supports maintaining it as is (see here, warts and all), while Martinez wants to shut it down, as “it’s a violation of federal law.” (What part of Art.I, Sec.8 authorizes the federals to outlaw plant products? So much for Martinez being a “Constitutionalist” !)

As Bill Koehler frequently points out, any activity that’s peaceful (doesn’t involve initiating force upon anyone else) should be legal. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about which private school you want to enroll your kids in, or whether you want to homeschool them. If you want to paint the word “TAXI” on the side of your car and offer people rides around town for money, that’s OK, regardless of whether you’ve been sanctioned by the PRC. Why should the little kids with the lemonade stand have to get business licenses and tax stamps?!

I’d like to challenge both of them to name ten (10) existing spending items that they would like to permanently repeal, since the Unanimous Consent Challenge is almost certainly over both of their heads.


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“Fun” with Chickenpox

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Current mood: blah

Yep, the title says it all – Yours Truly recently came down with a case of chickenpox.

Yeah, I know it’s a “kid’s” disease, because that’s when you’re supposed to get it. Guess what? I never had it as a kid.

It all started Friday (24 Sept 2010) morning. After getting home from Electronics class, I called in sick to the day job. I had aches and pains in the joints, a headache and was barely able to keep my eyes open.

When I started seeing the blisters on my face, I wondered if it was bubonic plague, considering that I’ve seen mice in the backyard recently.

I went in on Saturday afternoon, but probably shouldn’t have – I had aches and pains in the joints, headache, and drowsy spells from Friday. Just for grins and giggles, throw in a fever which alternated with chills. One of the managers asked me “Why are you even here?!” Later that afternoon, another manager told me that I should go home. But after “lunch” (5 PM), I was feeling better, so I stuck it out and finished off the night, staying til 10:20 PM.

At some time on Saturday, I got the idea that I might have chickenpox. But wait a second – I thought I had had it as a kid, and thus wasn’t supposed to get it as an adult?! After checking with family the next day, I found that I had NOT had it as a kid. Mom told me that when I was seven or eight years old, I had some sort of herpes simplex cold sore on my lip, that the doctor told her, “He’ll never get chickenpox after this,” how she was always exposing me to kids who had it (so that I WOULD get it) but it never took . . .

Sunday, I was scheduled off, so I just took it easy. Yeah, right – the fever got worse, and alternated with some violent shivering spells for a bit.

Monday, I showed up for Electronics class at 8 AM, as we had a test scheduled. As we waited for the instructors to arrive, some of the other students asked me if I had chickenpox and wondered if I would be allowed to take the test. I was rather surprised that they didn’t kick me out at first sight, as the blisters were in full bloom at this point. Still, I think I did pretty good on the test.

After getting home, I called in to work and asked management if I should take any sick days – I was put on sick leave until Thursday. As for Thursday . . . I called Elisheva Levin and asked if she wanted to give public-access TV a shot by filling in for me on this week’s The Weekly Sedition. She readily agreed, so I notified Bill and gave her directions . . .


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Quote of the Day for 28 September 2010

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The textures of life that so fascinate dynamists are full of such historical surprises. Consider a strange fact about doughnut shops in California: More than 80 percent are owned by Cambodian immigrants. Doughnuts are not a Cambodian food; indeed, Cambodians don’t even like them that much. But when Ted Ngoy fled to southern California in the 1970s and got a job in a doughnut store, he realized the possibilities. Here was a niche that matched his skills (or lack thereof) and had potential to grow. The business required hard work but little start-up capital and little English. Ngoy soon owned several doughnut shops. He hired and trained many other refugees, who then started their own stores, hiring and training still more immigrants. Over time, the community developed special expertise and suppliers, making it much easier for a Cambodian immigrant to California to get started in the doughnut business than in other ventures. By 1995, Cambodians ran almost 2,500 of the doughnut stores in California. They also expanded the market, giving Los Angeles one doughnut shop for every 7,000 residents—ten times the concentration in Phoenix.

The doughnut story is surprising, but not a random accident. It represents a complex order of selection and feedback: A perceptive entrepreneur discovers an opportunity. His knowledge spreads through communal networks, which develop specialized product, labor, and capital sources. More and more Cambodians learn how to make doughnuts, and how to make them well. Competition among shops improves doughnut quality, and the mere presence of so many stores reminds potential buyers of their product, leading to more sales. This legacy, an example of what economists call “path dependence,” does not keep non-Cambodians from owning doughnut stores or block Cambodian immigrants from other businesses. It was not predetermined, nor does it guarantee any particular future. But it makes some choices more likely than others.

Virginia Postrel, The Future and Its Enemies: The Growing Conflict Over Creativity, Enterprise, and Progress, pp.49-50


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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Random Shots for 27 September 2010

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  1. Top Gear
  2. Adult Swim – Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies


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Monday, 27 September 2010

Random Shots for 26 September 2010

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  1. Posted to Victor Milán’s Facebook Wall

    Squeak is waiting til nighttime, so she (?) can bring you the mouse as breakfast in bed.

  2. Posted to Jaynee Germond’s Facebook Wall

    It’s just like the Ft. Hood shootings – military bases are “gun-free zones” with exceptions for MPs and troops on duty. Even then, only the MPs are allowed to have any sort of ammo for the most part.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Operation Roswell by Kevin Randle
  2. The Libertarian Enterprise # 589
  3. PJTV –

    The Reagan Coalition: Big Tent or Carnival Tent?

    Karl Rove Sacrifices Christine O’Donnell at Altar of the D.C. Establishment

  4. Adult Swim – The Venture Bros.
  5. LRC – The Green Police


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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Quote of the Day for 25 September 2010

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“I’ll tell you what I’d prefer our government’s foreign policy to be, assuming we need to have a State at all. My proposal is pretty simple: Swiss-style armed neutrality. That means no invasions, no military threats, no foreign aid, no “covert operations”, no military bases outside the country, no attempts to influence the internal affairs of foreign countries whatsoever.

“No one blows up bombs in the streets of Geneva. No one from Switzerland gets kidnaped in third world countries to protest the evils of Swiss foreign policy. Wherever they go, at worst, people think of the Swiss as boring – it is rare that anyone feels the need to buttonhole someone from Zurich or Lugano and tell them off for what their government does.

“The Swiss are not pacifists, though. They have a very strong militia for defense, and in times past when Europe was less peaceful, it would have been extremely costly for an attacker to invade them. Even if (in the case of particularly strong enemies) an invasion might have ultimately succeeded, it would have yielded very little of value at an astonishing expense.”

Perry Metzger

bomb gun firearm steak knife Allah Aryan airline hijack

Random Shots for 24 September 2010

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  1. OverkillI Hear Black
  2. Terraforming Earth by Jack Williamson
  3. Star Trek: The Next GenerationRedemption
  4. History Channel – Gangland

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