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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Locking Down the Border

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The People for Preserving Our Western Heritage and the National Assoc. of Former Border Patrol Officers are holding a public forum on Tuesday, May 11, on The Impact of Land Use Designations on Border Security. This is an educational forum, so there will be no protesting or signs. Politicians will not be speaking, but all are invited to attend.

Remember that any State that can lock down the border sufficiently to keep people out can also do so to keep people IN.

Already, Mexico is developing a “medical tourism” industry from Americans who head south for lower care costs, in much the same way that Canadians head south for lower medical costs in the States.

If ObamaCare hits with its fully anticipated impact, the trickle south will turn into a flood.

Already there are penalties concerning those who take “too much” cash outside American borders, under the nexus of Drug Prohibition.

Never mind that the smugglers will still get through with all sorts of contraband. All a border lockdown will do is raise the prices a bit, luring more prospective smugglers into the trade, bringing more contraband to the market.

But all those who really want to stop immigrants from coming north have to do is simply let Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have their way with the economy. Not only will the Mexicans stop coming north, but the traffic flow will actually reverse and ten, twenty million Americans will head SOUTH.

Remember that any State that can lock down the border sufficiently to keep people out can also do so to keep people IN.

Am I the only one who remembers that little wall that the Russian KGB and East German Stasi had the “national will” to build around West Berlin? How about the stories about East Berliners trying to get over that wall or through the checkpoints and being fired upon by Russians and East Germans?

How many Russians and East Germans in de facto economic slavery to the Soviets consented to having the fruits of their labors being taken to support the “national will” of the KGB and Stasi for this?

How many “man-on-the-street” polls were conducted by the Soviets in Moscow, Volgograd, Leipzig and East Berlin to gauge public support for the Berlin Wall?

Thus all of the talk about “detention camps” and “internment camps” run by FEMA will be for naught, as the true concentration camp’s fenceline will be America’s (then-“secure”) borders.

We’re trying to get as many people as possible to show support by attending. The media will be present, and we want to show there are many of us upset over the failure of our government to protect our citizens and our land.

If you want examples of how well the government protects people, I suggest visiting various urban slums around the country, including but not limited to Compton and Cabrini Green. Walk through these areas with only a cell phone, dependent upon “9-1-1” for your safety, and get back to me about how well the government protects us.

Or would you rather depend on your own wits and reflexes, and carry a pistol of some caliber, as I would prefer to do?

No, folks, the only legitimate excuse for the existence of government is for the defense of its constituents’ liberty—it says so right there in the Declaration of Independence. For everything else—food, water, air, including personal safety and self-defense, we have to look to ourselves.

That’s why the right to own and carry weapons was guaranteed as a pre-existing right in the Second Amendment—self defense is a personal responsibility, just like any other bodily function, such as breathing and eating. Or do you expect someone else to move air into and out of your lungs, as well?


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