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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Random Commentary for 13 April 2010

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Today in history

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  1. Re: Wilson Destroys Bingaman on Health Care Bill

    I understand some people have a less than glowing opinion of Heather Wilson

    That’s a bit of an understatement. For example:

    • Medicare Part D
    • In 2001, she supported regulations requiring triggerlocks (proven to be worthless in stopping unauthorized firearm use) to be provided with any firearms sold, and that gun owners would be required to use them on all guns, including those previously owned.
    • She was against a national concealed-carry permit reciprocity, citing federalism as her excuse. Rather convenient time for her to discover the Tenth Amendment, wasn’t it? I suppose if I’m going to have to get a permit to exercise my right to self-defense in any practical manner (“just like a driver’s license”), I’d like that permit recognized nationwide, just like a driver’s license.
    • She was a proponent of Live-Fire Exercise Iraqi Freedom and the subsequent occupation.
    • She was part of the BS firing of David Iglesias

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