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Monday, 5 April 2010

Random Shots for Sunday, 4 April 2010

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Today in history

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  1. Posted to Facebook –

    Better that Kokesh (note the spelling, moron!) changes the world than Brown, Bush, McClown. I take it that it says “Vote Liberals out” on the sign behind you to make room for Trotskyite-wannabes such as yourself?

    ha ha ha ha YES I DO. The Russians are still climbing out of the same sort of hole that Bush, Obama, McClown, Brown, are digging for America. Maybe freedom-loving Americans (NOT counting you, Carolyn etc. there!) can learn something from the Russian experience ?

  2. Posted to New Mexico Liberty

    It was great except for the part where it recommends the NRSC site.

    What has that bunch done, besides sign off on exploding the size of government from 21 Jan 2001 until 3 Jan 2007?

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