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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Question about Operating Systems?

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First, let me start off by saying that I posted a suggestion to the Featured Questions page, and the staff at Xanga posted as one of the daily questions.

WAY COOL! (This is my first time being featured like this, so cut me some slack here, OK?)

Anyway, to answer my own question —

In 1989, I started as a computer user with a Tandy 1000 series computer, using MS-DOS 2.0, if I recall correctly. Back then, Tandy was a part of Radio Shack, but not fully integrated into it, and as such, had its own brand name for computers. With the Tandy 1000 series came their own version of a graphical user interface (GUI), which operated mostly from the keyboard. It was using that system that I learned the ins and outs of the DOS command-line interface — copying and deleting files, etc.

My experience with Windows started in July, 1998, when I bought a modern-style PC. I learned the hard way what a pain in the ass Windows can be from the beginning, as the guy who sold it to me installed a bootleg copy of Windows 95 on it. I had some problems there, and tried “fixing” them by upgrading to Windows 98. When that didn’t work, I ponied up for a full edition of that disaster-on-a-CD-ROM.

Fast-forward to 2001 — I bought a copy of Windows 2000 Pro at the local Staples, and it beat the crap out of Win-98. (I still have that CD, by the way.)

Now I’m using a combination of Windows XP and Ubuntu. I’ve played around with Knoppix, OpenSuse and Suse Enterprise Desktop, while using a version of Red Hat at work for the past four years.

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