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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


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I’ve been seeing more and more of Adam Kokesh on the web, and I like what I see from him more and more.

For those who don’t know, Adam is considering a run for U.S. Congress in New Mexico’s Third District, against the incumbent, Ben Ray Lujan.

Will the GOPNM get behind Adam for his run? I can’t really say for sure — the Republican Party of New Mexico has definitely supported its share of big-government candidates — Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici come to mind there. The GOPNM has supported its share of losers in the 3rd District, as well —

  • F. Gregg Bemis Jr. got an “F” rating from GOA in the 1994 race, while Bill Richardson got a “C.”
  • Dan East ran in 2008 as a typical Bushevik neo-con, supporting the Iraq Occupation and waffling on the Second Amendment.

As for his opponent, Ben Ray Lujan, well . . . Ben Ray is the poster boy for New Mexico’s patron system, where it helps A LOT to know someone who’s politically connected, and it helps EVEN MORE if you can grease the right palms (cash ØØØØ only, please!) — especially if you’re seeking government-sector employment or contracts. After all, his old man, Ben Lujan Sr., IS the Speaker of New Mexico’s State House of Representatives. The scuttlebutt in some circles seems to be that Ben Ray wouldn’t have received the Democratic nomination for the Third District if his daddy wasn’t the Speaker.

And I can’t resist posting this image of a campaign T-shirt — it’s PURE GENIUS!

Adam’s blogKokesh for Congress
It doesn’t hurt at all that Ron Paul weighed in on his side

And don’t forget to visit his Money bomb site!

Killer Tux (Linux vs. Windows)

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Thanks to Tom Knapp for posting this one.

Reposted here to the NM Linux Fest site.

Is Opposing The Barack’s Policies Truly Racist?

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While I sympathize with the black African-American population’s exuberance for The Barack after His (s)election to the White House [1], still . . . aren’t there any other black people that could have been elected besides this clown?

And NO, I’m NOT suggesting Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Cornel West as potential candidates for my support.

Seriously, what was wrong with the idea of supporting a candidacy by, say, Dr. Walter E. Williams or Wesley Snipes [2] for the spot?

Anyone looking to oppose The Barack need only look to his policies — there’s plenty to go against there without getting racial or digging into his sex life or past.

For example —

  • It seems that The Barack never met a restriction on privately-owned firearms that he didn’t support.
  • He campaigned during 2007 and 2008 on the issue of ending the Iraq Occupation and bringing the troops home, yet, He’s maintaining a presence of 50,000 troops in Iraq, while sending others from Iraq to expand operations in Afghanistan.
  • His inflationary deficit spending will wipe out any tax cuts he gets passed through the Congress.
  • He wants to tax the bejesus out of anyone making “too much” money, as they should “pay their fair share.” How many employers will leave the country over this one?
  • Jackboot Janet II, his Reichsfuhrer for the Heimatschutzministerium [3] issued a report labeling anyone who is a veteran, Constitutionalist, Ron Paul supporter, etc., as a “right wing extremist,” implying that such “RWEs” are potential terrorists.

I’m sure that this list will grow and grow as the years go on.


  1. Obama is only half-black, actually.
  2. Some might point to Snipes’ recent tax conviction as a reason not to support him. I thin that would be another reason to support him — the fact that he stood his ground vs. the IRS. Add to the fact that the IRA had run candidates for office while those people were in British prisons — Bobby Sands was elected to the British Parliament while in Long Kesh

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