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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Kudos for “Kane”

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Glenn Jacobs AKA “Kane” posted a blog entry back in February about The Barack’s insult-to-drunken-sailors spending binge — It’s Pretty Simple. The reason that I haven’t linked to him before is that while I knew he’s a Libertarian since May of last year, I hadn’t known that he had anything on the Web besides his WWF [1] stuff.

Anyway —

President Obama is gathering advisers to determine how to keep the federal debt from spiraling out of control.  Hold on a second…wait…yeah, an idea is forming…almost there…yeah, that’s it. 

Cut Spending!!!

Whew, that felt good.

Of course, that’s too complicated for anyone in Imperial Washington to understand, so that’s why they need a panel of degreed experts to study the issue, hold hearings for a year and issue a thousand-page report that says “CUT SPENDING!” when it’s all done, so that The Barack can go back to spending even more.

Maybe Obama should change his last name to Mugabe . . . ?


  1. I wasn’t impressed with the way Vince McMahon kowtowed to the eco-fascists and changed the name of his company from “World Wrestling Federation” to “World Wrestling Entertainment” to “avoid confusion with the World Wildlife Fund.”

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