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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Oh, My Poor Aching Planet!

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Oh, My Poor Aching Planet!

by Mike Blessing []

For years now, libertarians have been called “corporate dupes” (among other names) for not jumping onto the “environmental” (read eco-fascist) bandwagon. The Watermelons make it sound like we spend one weekend a month kicking over 55-gallon drums full of toxic waste in old-growth forests.

Sorry to pop your bullshit bubble, Watermelons, but I have better things to do than throw trash randomly about on the ground.

I have no problems with those who choose the “Green lifestyle” on a voluntary basis. Who knows — in their quest to reduce their “carbon footprints” and “heal Mother Earth,” they might come across afew ways for the rest of us to save a few FRNs on our energy bills. They might be getting a helping hand from the X-Prize Foundation — the Automotive X PRIZE is offering prizes for teams that build cars that can get 100 miles per gallon of gasoline and be mass-producable.

The problem with most of these advocates of permaculture, “simple living” and such that I’ve come across is that where politics and the law are concerned, they tend to be Watermelons to varying degrees. If “living Green” is your thing, by all means, go for it. My complaint is that so many of the people advocating the “Green life” have the perverse desire to force that lifestyle upon everyone else using legislation, court decisions and executive-branch regulations.

The funniest aspect of this is the Green desire to “protect Mother Earth,”to “relieve Her suffering” — if this isn’t a religion, what is? But still — what does that say about people who worship a Goddess who’s allegedly getting Her ass kicked by mere mortal humans?

And that is exactly what the Greens are alleging — “If we don’t take action,” (meaning that the policies they advocate aren’t enacted into law) “there won’t be an Earth for your kids and grandkids to live on.” I’ve heard that numerous times from various eco-fascist types.

Give me a break.

What the dirt-worshippers don’t realize (some of them work really hard at not realizing this!) is that socialism never works. It hasn’t worked yet, and it never will work. The harder its proponents try to make it work (more laws, more taxes, more regulations, piled on top of the crap of the past), the worse they make things for everyoneelse. There are places in the former Soviet Union that make American Superfund sites like Love Canal and Times Beach look like a cleanroom at a semiconductor plant. See Troubled Lands: The Legacy of Soviet Environmental Destruction for more.

And if the damage done by socialist-minded humans wasn’t bad enough, we would do well to remember that these clowns are pikers in comparison to good ol’ Gaia. When it comes to dealing out death and destruction, face it, Mother Earth is a mean, coldhearted bitch. While two-legged pieces of shit such as Mao, Stalin and Hitler (listed in order of body count) have killed millions in their tenures, they never came close to wiping out the human species in the manner of the Lake Toba supervolcano eruption about 75,000 years ago — that one is thought to have reduced the human population to 2,000 — 10,000 people. Percentage-wise, that’s significantly nastier than all of the dictators in human history put together. See R.J. Rummel’s Power Kills site for the details.

If the Greens truly wanted to wean humanity off of the fossil fuel teat, (YES, I’m including natural gas here — it’s still a hydrocarbon, and as such, it still yields carbon dioxide and water vapor after combustion), they would embrace nuclear fission. Uranium-235 can provide about a million times as much energy per unit mass as than petroleum oil, and has a far better overall safety record than fossil fuels.

For those of you who are into fusion power as a way to power the world, check out what Dr. Robert Bussard has working on lately. (This is the same guy who developed the concept of the Bussard ramjet.)


Mike Blessing has been promoting libertarian positions and philosophy for ten years since moving to New Mexico in 1994, and is Executive Heretic for KCUF Media

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