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Thursday, 4 May 2006

[Alibi] Liberal-tarians?

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Dear Alibi,

[RE: Letters, “Eric the Red,” April 27-May 3]

I am writing to warn you that Mike Blessing may be masquerading as a Libertarian. It is clearly Mr. Blessing’s intent to give people the impression that Libertarians haven’t read a newspaper since Joe McCarthy’s day. His anticommunist rhetoric ignores that there are only three communist regimes in the world, and we have strong words for the two tiny ones and many thanks for the big one buying all our debt.

If you see Mr. Blessing, calmly back away and do not risk antagonizing him by pointing out that, left unregulated, the sacred Market will work you to death, pay you nothing and sell you products that don’t work but kill you. Do not mention that the self-professed antigovernment “starve the beast” crowd has given everything to their corporate masters while funneling money to evangelical causes and claiming unlimited authority.

To waste a single breath against communism or socialism today is to be completely out of touch with the times. Where are the Libertarians against American Christian Fascism? Where are the Libertarians against the national debt? Where are the Libertarians against the politics of fear and loathing? Anti-communist? Where are the anti-Republican Libertarians?

Mark Justice Hinton

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