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Sunday, 27 February 2005

Playing Nice?

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Neil / Editor —

Good article as always. And timely to recent events here in the LPNM—just recently, I ran off another such clown who kept insisting that the ZAP “doesn’t apply” to the issues of the day.

At first, I tried playing nice, but no dice. So then I let loose. The first time this clown left us was on 13 Dec 2004. He was apparently “talked back” by a county chair, only to leave in another snit 60 days later (12 Feb 2005).

Go to the LPNM Forum [ ] and look for posts by “nosweets54” and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Shades of Eric “the Shake” Dondero.

And concerning the bill written by “Mike” that would re-legalize select-fire rifles as long as they were manufactured in-state —

So What?

This was (and still is) a feel-good measure on the part of the proponent. First, full-auto isn’t really a good thing on such a rifle as full-auto isn’t as accurate as semi-auto, and tends to waste ammo — I’d rather have a detachable sound suppressor at the least, and maybe a 40-mm grenade launcher.

Second, and more important, building your own “ugly black”* military-pattern semi-auto rifle was pretty easy, even under Waco Willie’s 1994 ban. I should know — I put together a semi-auto CAR-15 / M-4 in 1997, with flash-hider and telescoping stock, from new parts. Now that the 1994 ban has expired, it’s even easier to make your own.

* I happen to think that such rifles are quite attractive, thank you!

Mike Blessing


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