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Sunday, 23 May 2004

Re: Smurf & Weasel Question

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Concerning the Smurf & Weasel boycott —

IMHO, it’s irrelevant whether or not Smurf & Weasel abrogates their deal with Waco Willie – they can issue such press releases all they want. The ferals will still hold them to that deal that the previous owners made with the Clinton Administration. Anyone familiar with the tax honesty / protestor / resister movement can fill you in about that – they’ve been trying to get the IRS and courts to follow the government’s own statutes for, what is it, twenty, thirty years now.

And my personal boycott of Smurf & Weasel began in June 1998, when I sold my M3914 to buy a new computer. I bought it factory-fresh and the damn POS jammed every other, every third round. Same for the Colt M1991A1 that I had bought alongside it – I gave up that POS in March 1998. I switched to Glocks and haven’t looked back.


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