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Sunday, 1 February 2004

Libertarian “Endorsement” of Dennis Kucinich

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Libertarian “Endorsement” of Dennis Kucinich

I, Michael W. Blessing of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, am formally endorsing Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic Presidential nomination. It is only the right thing to do – after all, Dennis is a Democrat’s Democrat, willing and ready to expand the FDR-era “New Deal” and LBJ-era “Great Society” to new levels. Although he’s not pushing the issue at the moment, he is a proud supporter of the policies of victim disarmament. Look at the issues he IS talking up in this “campaign” – centralized economic and social planning, rapacious taxation, taxpayer-pays handout programs and international empire-building. It seems as though the “man of the people” is really just another Washington DC paper-pusher, and thus fit to be the Democratic nominee.

Even on the points where I tangentially agree with him – bringing the troops home from Iraq – he wants to replace American forces with the UN, as opposed to letting the Iraqis run their own lives. Dennis says he wants to legalize marijuana, but his website makes no mention of jury nullification, or of him using presidential pardons to release those political prisoners already jailed for such “crimes.” Instead, he wants to “cure” smokers of their “addiction” using federal force. And his idea of publicly-financed campaigns . . . . I take it he’s willing to tax black and Hispanic voters to pay for the Klan’s candidate. (I most certainly am not.) Is there NO aspect of our lives that Dennis won’t use federal force to tax and regulate?

(By the way, Comrade President George III and the Busheviks are no better – they’re just tyrants of a different sort. Is there ANYTHING that THEY won’t use the force of government to tax and regulate?)

Mike Blessing
Chair, Bernalillo County Libertarian Party –


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