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Friday, 31 October 2003

[LPNM-NML] Election “Irregularities”

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“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — John F. Kennedy

In light of certain electoral “irregularities” concerning the recent fight over Amendment 2 (the raid on the Land Grant Permanent Fund), Slick Willie Richardson decided to set up a task force to make recommendations on how to speed up the tallying of votes, revising the state’s campaign finance laws, etc. Originally, the task force was composed of 20 Democrats and Republicans, but a joint press release by Richard Obergfell and Carol Miller of the Green Party apparently caused Richardson to appoint Frank Clinard of Los Alamos, former LPNM Chair, to the task force, as well as Kurt Menke of the Bernalillo County Green Party, and William White of Rio Rancho, who is registered as “decline to state.”

What will be the impact of the task force on New Mexico elections? That remains to be seen. Richardson had originally convened a “State Canvassing Board” to investigate these problems back around 14 October. Now this might, just might have created a conflict of interest. If I remember correctly, he was one of the chief proponents of Amendment 2. Yet the people selected to be on this board were Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron, the chief justice of the state supreme court, and Bill Richardson himself. Hmmm . . . . I think that more than anything, he is desperately seeking a rubber stamp with this.

And still yet to come, we’ve got a unification vote coming due on 4 November. So far, the outcome is far from certain, and some of the big players in this one are a bit teed off with some of the details — the potential for the City / County bond rating to go into the tank, and so forth. So there’s a chance that this disaster in the making might actually fail at the polls.


  1. Published in New Mexico LibertyNovember 2003, p.1

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