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Monday, 1 September 2003

[LPNM-NML] Local Races This Year

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By Mike Blessing <>

We don’t have any statewide races this year here in New Mexico. That means we can have some fun with the local races. Here in Albuquerque, that means non-partisan races. Maybe push a candidate or two a little towards the libertarian path . . . heh heh.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here, and throw my personal support behind and Pat Milligan and Shane Canfield. This by no means obligates the rest of the LPNM. I just think that I’ve found the most libertarian-leaning of this particular pack. Feel free to disagree with me – just be ready to back it up on the LPNM email lists. (And there is NO way that I will be endorsing Bob Anderson for City Council, just as I will NOT be endorsing Dennis Kucinich for president. Live with it.)

Pat is a Republican running against Brad Winter in District 4. Winter waffled his position on the gun issue in May 2001, then again with the smoking ban in February 2003. Pat, on the other hand, seemed squarely behind gun rights and against the smoking ban, with an eye to repealing it. He also sounded like he supported the idea of the Police Control Ordinance, as proposed by L. Neil Smith at our last convention. (Send a blank tape and postage to me at my P.O. Box listed on page 1 and I’ll make you a copy.)

POC for Pat: 505-296-1273
11132 Jordan Ave NE ABQ NM 87111

Shane is running against three Democrats, a Republican (Joanne Tighe) and Bob Anderson of the Green Party. He was involved with the Russell Means campaign and is also not thrilled with Means’ methods. I’ve talked with him, and while he’s not a dogmatic libertarian, he’s with us for the most part on the issues and mindset. (He’s also had the “pleasure” of dealing with Mike Castro, currently trying to convince him to drop out and back Bob Anderson.)

POC for Shane: 505-304-3148
3437 Crest SE Apt. B ABQ NM 87106

Now for those of you living in the ABQ / Rio Rancho / Los Lunas area, I’ve invited both of these gentlemen to appear on The Weekly Sedition, as well as at our local Liberty Forums. So drop on by or tune in, and decide for yourselves if I’m on target.


  1. Published in New Mexico LibertySeptember 2003, page 2

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